Redeeming Africa

Connecting people to Jesus through evangelism and projects of charity

We are going to build a Kingdom Kids Village in Mwingi, Kenya for the street kids. Please help us buy this land to build this village for a needy street child. With your generous tax deductible contribution we will provide a place of residence, a skills development center and spiritual enrichment center for a street child. Your gift of $3.50 will feed one street child with breakfast and lunch on Sunday morning. Any extra financial contributions will be used towards the purchase of the land and to support the staff in Mwingi who are taking care of the kids; the Program Coordinator, Program Dietitian and the Program Coach. 

As Jesus ministered across Palestine, he would frequently go back to his ministry headquarters in Capernaum in northern Galilee. It is at Capernaum where he would gather his disciples for a time of prayer, reprieve and recalibration of strategy. Just like Jesus we too plan to have our ministry headquarters in Mwingi, Kenya. This envisioned ministry headquarters will serve as the administrative center for all our ministry projects, outreach programs and strategy center for Redeeming Africa and Beulah Christian Fellowship, Kenya. The outreach to the street kids and church planting will also be operated from this center. This two-floor building will accommodate various staff offices and a boardroom. We are now seeing this office through the eyes of faith but, soon, it will become a reality if you team up and partner with us. God bless you for praying and for partnering with us.

Proclaiming the Gospel

Proclaiming the Gospel aught to be the primary responsibility of every missions organization and church (Matt. 28:19-20). Both, Redeeming Africa, USA and Beulah Christian Fellowship, Kenya are committed to fulfilling the Great Commission. We partner with BCF to plant, at least, one church each year. Also, we partner with BCF to organize, fund, host and facilitate church leaders development/equipping conferences once a year. CONTACT US for information about our next seminar.

Transforming Communities


This is a short video of our water well project in Lutuni village. The video was developed and broadcast worldwide by Christian Broadcasting Network. With the completion of this project thousands of people from villages around Lutuni village and beyond have access to clean and affordable water. We wish to do the same in other areas because the need for clean water is an absolute necessity.

Reaching the Unreached


Recently Redeeming Africa acquired an equipment that will enable us to show Jesus Film to thousands of people in some of the most remote areas of Kenya in four languages: English, Kiswahili, Kikamba and Somali. This is a self-contained solar powered tool that can be easily transported on narrow paths and over the hills on a motorcycle. We are grateful to one of our faithful supporter who made this possible. 

Never give up on God<>Never give up on yourself<>Never give up on people.

Redeeming Africa is a young ministry with a bold and a timely vision of connecting people to Jesus through evangelism and projects of charity in Kenya and beyond.  Our goal is to update you on our missions, invite you to partner with us and inspire you to become a "missionary."

“Mission is the ‘Essence’ of our Christian existence. It involves hardships and costly sacrifices. After all, Jesus did not come to earth because it was hardship free and safe; He came because its inhabitants were increasingly perilous and in desperate need of redemptive intervention.”

Dr. Gabriel M Ngulutu 

“Some wish to live within the sound of church and chapel bell. I want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell.”

C.T Studd