Redeeming Africa

Connecting people to Jesus through evangelism and projects of charity

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Bishop Gabriel Ngulutu, D.Min. & 1st Lady, Mrs. Emily Ngulutu: Founders & National Executive Director, Redeeming Africa, USA and Beulah Christian Fellowship, Kenya Presiding Bishop. Chairman of BCF National Governing Board & Co-Directors of Kingdom Kids Ministry. 

Telephone:  (757) 277-4793

Email: [email protected]

Luka & Faith Muthuvi: Associate Pastor at Mwingi BCF and Ministry Financial Accountability Committee member

Alex & Amina Mutambuki: Associate pastor at Lutuni BCF. 

Pastor Dominic & Carol Musya: Pastor at Kanzoka BCF. 

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Redeeming Africa
P.O. Box 10545
Virginia Beach, VA 23450

Contact Bishop Gabriel & Mrs. Emily Ngulutu at:

[email protected] or [email protected]

Rev. Joseph Ngulutu & Sister Grace Ngulutu: Senior Pastor, Mwingi BCF & BCF National Organizing Secretary. His wife, Grace, currently serves as BCF National Treasurer 

Meet Pastor Titus & Dorothy Ngulutu, Lead pastor & 1st Lady, BCF, Lutuni and BCF National Director of Missions.